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Hey folkos,

So there is the problem I have, since I couldn't find any similar cases looking for an answer browsing for days: One part of my touch screen in my Tiguan 2016 is not working. To be exact, it is where the letter S is located on navy (when typing city/street etc). I have no black screen, everything is working properly and the colors are also perfect, but that little part of 2 cm x 2 cm of the screen is out. One day as we were at the mall, we noticed that the touch screen is not working as it should, it did not matter what did you press, another letter would be wrote in as if you have pressed it on another spot. After turning off the car and returning like in 2 hours, everything worked properly as before except that part of the display.
Pretty annoying since i am from Austria and there is like an 80% rate that in the street name you are typing in is a letter S and anyway, this just feels bad.
Tried to reset but won't help.

Every idea would be appretiated.
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