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a freind of mine, rally crosses a hopped up super beetle,in tarheel sports car club.taken out to 1700cc, dual single choke carbs, hot exhaust, all kinds os stuff. did you know that he says ,the super beetle came with non swing axle suspension late in life, i did not know that. anyhow, i want more guys to come rally cross with their bugs. it would be cool, i am taking my golf rally crossing,and i think if we had alot of old bugs and cool stuff, it would be neat.

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Would love to Rally once I finish my bug!

if you have access to some knowledgable rally guys, find these answere out for me if you can:
I have a 1972 "Transition" Beetle. Part Super I believe it was the transition year.

Anyway, 2 problems. the carb is a Center Mount Weber 32-36DFAV 2 bbl Redline-Spain.
I cant seem to set the idle properly. it always want to run high and when I back off the gas the car stays at higher rpms instead of backing down. I know this is a manual choke Weber. There are many ways to set this carb up depending on the application. the guy who had it before me also used it in a bug. he took it apart once to clean it and may not have set things back to factory.

its either all or nothing with this carb. if I set the idle screw too far, it can idle too slow and stall at lights, etc. less desireable than high idle but im eating a lot of gas up this way.

also when both barrels are kicked in the engine bogs down. this is a restoration. I dont see a way to attach pics to a post so will email anyone photos of the Bug and this 2nd problem:
I have a wire that I found just hanging from the harness in the engine compartment. it looks like it goes on the coil (Blue Coral), but, when I hook it there the car wont start. I took pics of it.

I hate to have a wire just hangin there so need ideas on how to det. where it goes.

car starts with wire hangin. maybe I need a new fusible link too.

any help appreciated.

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