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Good mornin Peeps!!! So, I got my 97 Jetta GT a few weeks ago and LOVE IT!!! However, as most all older cars, my baby needs some TLC. For starters:
1: The shocks / struts (or what ever it has, i still haven't figured it out yet) are about to go on it. When you rock the stearing wheel side to side really quick the car doesn't so much turn side to side as it does rock side to side. I know they are about to go, and I'm doing a lot of research to find what would be best to replace with. I'm not going to be doing a LOT of moding to it over the next year or so, but would like some nice one... I want to replace the front and back. I have been doing some reading on shocks, struts, coil overs... ect... Suggestions?!?!?!?!?!?!
2: The breaks are ALL BUT GONE. I know I need new pads and thinking about getting a whole new break setup... suggestions?
3: I have the 4 nut set up and thinking about changing it over to a 5 nut setup... Does anyone recommend this / not recommed this?
4: I want to redo the exaust.. should I look at starting at the catalitic converter or just swap out the muffler? Who do you recommend I go with?
5: I Have been reading that one of the best ways to start off moding is with a chip for the 2.0's (all you guys call them 2.slow's, but personally, i kinda like the way mine feels.. but there's ALWAYS room for improvement
6: I have been looking around for cold air intakes, but not really finding a lot that I like. I have heard people saying "Swiss cheese" :rocket: the current filter, or drill holes in the box... is this worth it? Anyone have any cold air intakes they recommend?

I have some other things I'd like to list, but don't wanna make this list any longer then it already is... Hope I get some good responses :D

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1. Do a search on the mk3 forum for suspension questions and answers. Been covered many times.

2.Thats weird that the rotors are fine but pads are shot. I would just replace the pair so you dont have to replace the rotors and pads in different intervals all the time.

3.What would be the advantage of 5 bolt for you? Do you have your eyes set on a nice set of 5 bolt rims or what? Thats the biggest reason most people do the conversion and there are more 5x100 rims.

4. Dont just do a muffler, dont waste your time it sounds like crap and does nothing performance wise. Just buck up and do a nice catback system. Techtonics systems are the best bang for your buck. Magnaflow and autotech are also good but pricey.

5. You will find the best gains with a chip if you do exhaust and intake as well. I would start with intake, then exhaust then chip.

6. There really isnt such thing as a cold air intake on the 2.0L, just a short ram that sucks hot engine air. They sound real cool but dont provide much gain. Swiss cheese is a cheap option and has some performance gains as well but no cone filter noise.
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