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Hey guys

Just joined this site after using vwcaddy forum a lot.

I am just waiting for confirmation for my first car - mk6 Polo.

But I am searching really hard to have a classic toy, a mk1 caddy. I would love one that is mechanically prefect and not so good on exterior rather than brilliant exterior but crappy mechanics.

If any of you guys come across a mk1 caddy, whether it be lowered, ratty, tatty, classic, whatever... Please let me know and I would highly appreciate it!

My budget to start for the caddy is £1.5k but then obviously will work up from there through time with upgrades.

If anyone has any tips, or websites or places they know who sell caddys (mk1) I would appreciate it very much if you shared with me.

Kindest regards and thanks for reading

Peace out :chug:

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