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Hi all,

My daughter ended up with a 2013 Beetle with 9000 miles on it here in Miami. We've had it a couple weeks now. I didn't arrange the purchase, grandparents bought it in North Carolina, so I don't know things like when the oil was last changed. I see that the 2013 Beetle is covered by VW's 3 year "free maintenance" warrranty, so I'll probably take it to a nearby dealer soon, where I'll only be expecting an oil change at this point.
I haven't had a new car in many years, but I remember a lot of questionable dealer actions in the past through over-priced repairs and (what seemed like) un-needed maintenance. I admit, I simply don't trust dealer service departments because of past experience with many cars. "Oh, you need this, and it's not covered, and that too.."
That may not happen with this car, but I'd like any tips about possible traps to expect from service advisors regarding this vehicle as it gains mileage, if anyone has any advice. I know a lot depends on the specific dealer, but what warranty/maintenance horror stories have you encountered and learned from?
I do plan to stick to the manual about maintenance schedules. Thanks

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