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Weird problem on my 89 Jetta GL that I'm hoping for some ideas for.

I bought the car at the beginning of the summer. The radiator fan was on its way out and about three weeks later seized up, blowing the AC/Radiator fan fuse. I bought a new radiator fan and replaced it.

After replacing the fan, it works perfectly, turns on when the temperature comes up, turns high and low as normal. However, the AC is acting very weird. The switch on the dash does absolutely nothing. But every time the radiator fan turns on, the AC clutch engages and it starts blowing cold air until the radiator fan turns back off again, at which point the compressor shuts off also.

My first thought was that it was a relay problem, so I went to the local import store (where they all drive VWs) and bought a $9 AC relay. But I can't find where to install it... the part number matches the number in the Bentley but it doesn't fit in the location Bentley says to put it.

Any ideas? Where do I put the relay I bought, or what else should I be looking for?

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