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Hello peeps, just got my first VW it is a 1994 Jetta MK3 5 speed and well it is not doing too well right now and it only has 119,000. I had a issue a couple of days ago with the car running not so hot with a the CEL. Then after my son was driving it (new to driving a stick killed it at a stop light and the tack and speedo stopped working) drove it home restarted it and no issues with the tack or speedo. Looked in to the codes for the CEL and got 2113 and 2111 tried cleaning the MAF today and now get 2324 as well as the other 2. I am lost on this 2.0. I have only had V8s and one 4.3 before. Trying to get smart on what I thought was an easy fix.... but after checking on line not too sure ha ha. Thanks in advance you all seem to know a lot about these motors

Jetta 2.0
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