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removed entire center cupholder area to get to the e brake because i thought my e brake cables snapped. they fell out of the adjuster piece. tightened it up, but only one wheel engages like before. i think there is a problem on the passenger side tire with it not engaging correctly. the cable might be too stretched so it fails to make enough tension.

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WhanAB Innovative Auto Design Parts - #3333FF

Met these guys as a vendor at SOWO this past year. A buddy picked up the full kit, I just picked up a replacement dipstick and plan to pick up the mid funnel over winter to finish it off. (my loop on my stock dipstick snapped so iI figured I would rather pay the money ofr a metal one over another crappy plastic OEM one.)

Fits great, looks great, very happy.

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Well Here are some of the things I have done recently to this MK4 GTI I just got..

So I used Craigslist and traded a Silver 01 Ford Expedition with 174K miles and problems for a Silver 01 GTI 1.8T Auto 130K miles..and problems... wanted something more fuel efficient as a daily driver and a second car.

(I have a previous thread about slowness issues that I got resolved) but after spending $400 with the dealer, I quickly realize it will be better if I figure out how to do the work myself.

So here is the current build:

After I took it to a local mechanic he gave me this laundry list of things I need to fix about $4k worth of stuff haha..great. Gonna try to do it myself and see how much I save..

Work Already Done to the car:
NGK Sparkplugs Iridium $N/A
Mass Airflow Sensor $N/A
Coil Packs and Harnesses $N/A
Timing Belt $N/A
Water Pump $N/A
Fuel Filter $N/A
Coolant Flange and Turbo Inlet Tube $450 with labor

Work Needed:
Lower Control Arms (right and left)
Inner and Outer Tie Rods (right and left)
Front Brakes and Rotors
Rear Brakes and Rotors
CV Joint Inner Boot ripped
Secondary Air Pump/Replace hoses (identify vacuum leak)
Front Suspension and Mounts
Rear Shocks
Fuse Box
Side marker light
Purchased and just installed:
Lower Control Arms (right and left)
Inner and Outer Tie Rods (right and left)
Ball Joints
Ebay: $96.50 for full kit of both arms and tie rods

Ebay:$108 shipped (used in good condition)

Front Brakes and Rotors
Ebay:$175.33 (Cross Drilled/Slotted Combo Rotor with brakes Front)

Rear Spoiler
Ebay: Painted and Shipped: $199.95

New Remote Key Shell
Amazon.com $8.54

Headlight Lenses
Ebay:$79.80 Left and Right
(installed left, looked so good I had to buy the right one too)

CV Joint Inner Boot ripped: Replaced whole unit $55 (Pepboys)

Front Suspension and Mounts $220 (Autozone OEM replacements will do coil overs next year)

Still need to purchase/replace
Secondary Air Pump/Replace hoses (identify vacuum leak)
Rear Brakes and Rotors $107 (Amazon)
Rear Suspension $49 - (Ebay OEM replacements)
Fuse Box (n/a)

Maintenance before fun...ughh sucks..

Mod Want List:
18 inch New Rims (Ebay $510.00)
Stage 1 ... ($499)
3'inch Downpipe (Ebay -obx 3in catted $199)
CoilOvers (not sure yet)
CAI CMP (Ebay $34.99 with filter)
NAV head unit (not sure yet)
Front Seats (mine are ripped)
Rear Sway Bar ($299)
Front and rear valance( $400)

Current status is.
11/7/13 subframe is removed, attached driver side control arm to subframe, now planning day to reinstall all of the above...Click image for larger version

11/10/13 Recent Update, This weekend spent Sat and Sunday getting this stuff in. Asked drunk russian neighbor (He's currently mechanic with 30 years exp) to help with the subframe, he started helping..got to drunk, started dropping bolts, cussed me out, told me I could never do the job without him and went inside ...so after he left...I got the subframe, control arms and ball joints installed. Sunday he apologized for being too drunk and then helped with front struts and tie rods. Apology accepted...he came in handy and helped me get the struts out which I couldn't do without his tools. All in all a good day.

New Parts:
1. Inner and Outer Tie Rod's - Installed
2. Lower Control Arms - Installed
3. CV Axle - Installed (instead of getting a new boot, I just got the axle) $55
3. Ball Joints - Installed
4. Front ReadyMount Struts and mounts - Installed $225
5. Subframe - Installed.
6. Drilled and Slotted rotors and brakes - Installed...
7. Front end Alignment $89

You can see how bad some of the old stuff was (see pics)...control arm bushings were completely shot, tie rods where really bad too and the ball joints were shot...basically the car has a whole new front suspension. yeah that's my big shaft in the picture...

The front end of the car is solid now, now onto the rear...

Just ordered rear shocks, cai and rear slotted brakes and rotors...should have everything by Wed. 11/13....


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Just replaced my 6 speed manual gearbox fluid yesterday on my 205,000 miles beauty! About ready to bleed brakes this weekend.


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