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I am a proud Canadian owner of a 1995 Golf CL. However, for all those Americans who may not know, the CL that was sold in Canada came with a 1.8L non turbo engine that produces about 90hp. I have been searching endlessly for some way of making this engine produce at least 150hp. So far I have concluded that this doesnt exist.
I was wondering if anyone out there know of a large power booster of any kind for this engine. Also I wanted to know how feasable it would be to drop in a VR6 or 1.8T engine. Again, the problem there is that I have the 4 speed auto and I doubt that would work with the bigger engine. So in this case, is it possible to buy a manual trans as well?

I'm only a novice in my mechanic knowledge but any help here would be really appreciated.
Oh, and where the heck would be able to buy a complete engine or trans?

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