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So I'm Matt, and bought a 99 Jetta MK4 2.slow from FB marketplace for $1400. I got it cause it runs/did run, and my current vehicle is on its last toe so i had to ensure i had another car ready to go for when this one dies out for good. After searching around for a car that was sub $2000, I instantly started to fall in love with the Jetta looks/mods/style and was commited to finding one that runs or could run with minimal work. I have zero knowledge in cars, and in fact, havent trusted myself to do anything other than change the oil and tires......until now.

Next year I plan on a 1.8t swap, repaint to white, relocate battery to trunk, rims and coilovers to give it a better stance, and until then I have 6 months to keep this car's engine super reliable so I can use it for my Daily driver until i Deploy and come back from Eastern Europe late next year.

Here's some info about me.

Name: Matt
Location: Colorado Springs, CO, U.S.A.
Age: 34
Occupancy: Microsoft SharePoint Online SupportTechnical Lead
School (if any): 17 Years in the Military

Hobbies: anything IT, Train at the Olympic Training Center in Judo here in Colorado Springs, Skateboarding, Gaming, and just started enjoying cars since i got my first 99 Jetta MK4

How'd you find the forum?: Bought a jetta and some minor changes need to be done and this was the first google forum that I saw that actually had the fix to the issue. So here I am!
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