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Hi there folks. I am having problems with my windscreen washer fuse the problem is that it keeps on blowing when i go to use the washers. To cut a ling story short. The water un the washers became frozen and obviously busted the pump this was what i thought was causing the problem. I then purchased a brand new pump and ut worked fine for 5 mins then boom fuse was blowing again. After doing some research i realised there was a relay switch located under the drivers side. I replaced the relay with the correct one and then this seemed to be fixed and it worked for a week or so and then boom the fuse has started blowing again.

I am now at a brick wall i dont know what else could be causing this. There is a faulty wiring loom in the drivers side that seems to control the speakers and the central locking but surely this wouldnt interfere with the window washer system would it??

If any1 could shine some light in this for me it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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