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I noticed when I wash my front windscreen nothing is shot onto the windscreen. I tracked this down to a disconnected tube between the inside of the bonnet and the hinge of the bonnet which has a hole the fluid shoots out of, but a disconnected tube (its connected to the inside of the bonnet still, but not the hinge). The tube does not seem to reach to reconnect, which is odd.

Anyway my question is where I could buy this tube from - it looks easy enough to reconnect (I think) if I just had a new one. The only thing I found is something like:

Halfords | Ring Washer Tubing - Clear Nylon Tube RWC5

but my golfs tube has insulation on it (unlike the above one) and is very short (though maybe I can cut the tube to fit if I know the length it ought to be?).

I am also not sure how to measure the size precisely (the halfords tube is 3.2 mm - is this 3.2 mm from outer edge to outer edge or the size of the actual tube internally?)

I have a 2004 Golf IV if that helps.


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