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Wobble at high speed

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Hey there fellow dubbers,

So I was buzzin down the highway (obeying all vehicle and traffic laws of course) and when accelerating over 80 i'd get a wobble in the front. Get off the gas, wobble goes away. Get back on the gas over 80, wobble comes back. Took both the front wheels off and they're balanced fine. I'm thinking control arm bushings. I haven't looked much past balancing the wheels cause it was late when I discovered this.
...I'm kinda just killing time at work and figured I'd see what other suggestions come up!
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Bolt the wheels back up, shake the wheel side to side both vertically and horizontally. Have someone else keep an eye on the bushings. Next take a look at the control arm bushings. Try to get a pry bar between the sub frame and the control arm and Jimmy it a bit. If it moves much it needs to be replaced. With a bit of attention you'll find out every part that needs to be replaced in a couple minutes
Cheers I'll be doing that in a bit and shall report my findings!
I hope the bearing isn't going.

...my case of Shiner Bock told me to stop working on my car the other day but it'll get done.
I have a vibration when i accelerate, which I'm pretty sure is a wheelbearing. Both my front bearing seem to have went out around the same time at 170,000 miles. So if you find one going out, check the other as well..
no noticeable play, but the rear control arm bushings looked worn. I ordered new stiffer ones. I think I'm gonna crack the hub nut and re-torque it down
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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