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Hello all new to the forum. Jose from the bay area. just purchased my third VW.. A 2002 Jetta gls 2.0 5 speed from an old friend who, used the car to commute to work. So all Highway miles. He told me it began to get hard to put it in gear, I jumped at the chance and purchased it. So it's in the shop getting a new clutch. And timing belt& water pump. The key fob was beat up and broken. So I order 2 new key fob shells. and remove the board from the bad one, and install it into one off the new ones.I install the key into the top half. And then while trying to get the immobilizing diode out I shatter it. So here lies the problem. The car starts but dies. What have I done. What must I do to fix this. Will the dealer be involved or is this a DIY thing.thanks for any and all help in advance. Jose stranded in the bay area.
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