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Greetings All,

I own a VW 2001 Pissat 4 Cyl.1.8T. Not a mechanic. My local trusted auto repair shop stated they were hesitant to work on my car for lack of an on-site experienced VW mechanic. They also estimated they would end up charging me over $2000.00 to pass my emission test. I knew I needed to take matters into my own hands. I initially read 7 emission error codes. Cleared all codes replacing plugs/coil packs, MAF Sensor, MAF wire harness, several valves, upstream/downstream oxygen sensors, PVC sensors, crank case elbow hose, dozen misc. hoses, and 2 dozen clamps...most painful!!! Passed emission after little over $400 in parts ordered on-line.

After passing emission, and returning back home...engine light came on...again!! I need a experienced mechanic/owner to identify 2 remaining parts (connected to my intake canister identified as "A" and "B" in photo) that I did NOT replace (see attachment). These parts/hoses may/may not be related to my recent code(s) not yet identified.


Thanks for any help here....

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