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I planing on buying new tires and rims for my daily driven Golf mk4 gti. Its a 2003 2dr model and the engine is a 1.8T.
And i wonder if these would fit?:

2 pair is 205/45-17 and the other pair is 235/40-17.
Both tires is 8" wide and ET35.

But what i am most concerned about is that it is 5x120 and my bolt patterns is 5x100.
Can i buy wheel spacer to fix the problem or would it be to wide? :confused:
Im not so good at this with wheels :S

Here is a pic of them and the rims are Rota Grid http://www.vwforum.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=7961&stc=1&d=1429197509

Hope for quick reply :)


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